New Works Created

“Texture Contemporary Ballet, known across the region – and beyond – for taking classical ballet and tilting it on its axis in innovative ways.”

Sara Bauknecht
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“… passion honed to an effortless confidence, the enthusiasm transported to smart artistic choices.”

- Jane Vranish
- Cross Currents and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  

"Texture Contemporary Ballet is for everyone: those who love classic ballet, performing arts enthusiasts, and even those who think they might not like a dance performance." 

Angie Jones
Discover the Burgh

Texture as a group plays to and against traditional ballet stereotypes with each member able to bring their individual style and ability to the pieces. The result is a fascinating interplay of separate dancers uniting in an ebb and flow that expresses, in a powerful way, the feelings evoked by music and movement.

George Hoover  

Pittsburgh in the Round